Meet Layla


Meet Layla!

Layla is the sweet, dainty Queen residing at our north Washington facility, Little Black Hen Farm. She comes to her name and follows us in or out of the barn/paddock without a halter or lead. She has the most feminine, high-pitched whinny. She's such a sweetheart and we adore our Lovely Layla!

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What delight
To back the flying steed, that challenges
The wind for speed! - seems native more of air
Than earth! - whose burden only lends him fire! -
Whose soul, in his task, turns labour into sport;
Who makes your pastime his! I sit him now!
He takes away my breath! He makes me reel!
I touch not earth - I see not - hear not. All
Is ecstasy of motion!
— James Sheridan Knowles